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Data Suggests Some People Spending Stimulus Money on Game Consoles, Sex Toys and Patio Furniture

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Mar 25, 2021

E-commerce solutions company Pattern reported that, based upon sales data, among the more common items people are buying with their $1400 stimulus payment are PlayStation 5 game consoles, sex toys and patio furniture, according to Fast Company.

Based on Amazon data between March 10 and March 17, sales of PS5 game consoles have risen by 511 percent, the biggest jump in demand for any item on the site; coming in second, at 334 percent, was a particular type of sex toy called a "rose flower"; in third place were patio furniture sets, which saw a 241 percent rise; behind that were corsets, 167 percent, and video graphics cards at 129 percent.

The study, however, focused only on people who actually bought things with their stimulus cash; many people have not, according to Business Insider. According to a Bank of America survey, it would seem that the majority of people don't plan to spend their stimulus at all: only 36 percent of people said they would spend it on something new, while 30 percent said they'd pay off debts, 25 percent said they'd save it, and 9 percent said they would invest. This is roughly in line with how people spent their last two stimulus checks, according to a Federal Reserve survey last fall which found, in general, 29 percent using the money to buy things, 35 percent using it to pay bills, and 36 percent devoting it to "future needs."

Considering the sensitive nature of certain purchases highlighted by Pattern, though, we might also need to consider that some people just lied to the pollster rather than admit they were buying a sex toy or other more-personal-than-usual items.