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Staff Directory

*The Staff Directory is provided as a service to members of the NYSSCPA and is not to be used for any commercial purposes without the prior, written consent of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

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Society’s General Telephone Numbers:
212-719-8300 – Receptionist
212-719-8383 – Member Services/Registration
800 #s:
1-800-633-6320 – Receptionist
1-800-537-3635 – Member Services/Registration
(212) 719-3364
Fax CPE Registrations and Dues Payments to: 866-495-1354
Mailing Address:
14 Wall Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Atanmo, Onyi Marketing & Communications Mgr
x 388
Ates, Tashia Asst. Mgr, Member Services
x 312
Bakhnak, Tetyana Senior Accountant
x 330
Barry, Joanne S. CEO/Executive Director
x 301
Berlyne, Lara Prof. Education Coordinator
x 323
Bernston, Elizabeth Editorial Administrative Assistant
x 397
Brennan, Reva Chief Operating Officer
x 318
Brenner, Timothy Webcast Production Specialist
x 315
Brooks, Elaine Prof. Education Specialist (Seminars)
x 460
Bueche, Brian Webcast Prod. Spc.
x 315
Castiglione, Christopher Web Development Manager
x 331
Cioffi, Gene Senior Copy Editor
x 324
Clark, Ellen Marketing & Communications Mgr
x 341
Clarke, Rosemary Assistant to the Executive Director
x 302
Colvin, Kelly Business Development Specialist
x 376
CPE Operations Mail Room
x 341
Cui, Frank Assistant Controller
x 328
Davis, Christopher Copy Editor/Proofreader
x 380
Dickenson, Lelia Manager of Chapter Relations
x 366
Dinkins, Briana Virtual Learning Coordinator
x 346
Fletcher, Antoine Director, Human Resources
x 364
Fox, Xiomara Associate Director, Data Management
x 395
Frizzell, Emily Marketing Director
x 435
Gaetano, Chris Staff Writer, Trusted Professional
x 342
Gay, Leah Senior Social Media Coordinator
x 420
Grohman, Annette Senior Member Services Rep.
x 336
Gurvits, Elizabeth Web Development Specialist
x 308
Hewlett, Brandon Chapter Relations Manager
x 362
Hnatko, Iryna Staff Accountant
x 371
Jackson, Darryl Director of Member Acquisition and Engagement
x 433
Jean-Marie, Dayana Committees Coordinator
x 394
Karavites, Carmen Receptionist
x 0
Kravitz, Richard Editor-in-Chief of The CPA Journal/Managing Director of Content and Publishing
x 345
Lawrence, Sandra Graphic Designer x 385
Lazarus, Keith Manager, Committees & Technical Resources
x 378
Mammadli, Kenan Director, Education x 310 
Markezin, Ernest Director, Professional & Technical Resources
x 303
Matthews, Larry Art Director/Production Manager
x 334
McKinnon, Vanessa Member Services Rep.
x 344
Payano, Patrick CFO
x 337
Polovinko, Aleksey Senior Operations Associate
x 325
Pullmann, Michael Assistant Editor
x 368
Quane, Nick Network Administrator
x 465
Reynolds, Kristian Staff Accountant (Temp)
x 402
Richards, Jovan Media & Government Relations Manager
x 392
Sarmiento, Anthony Managing Editor, CPA Journal
x 351
Simeone, Zack Digital News Editor
x 320
Singleton, Ruth Managing Editor
x 321
Titus, William Membership Dev. Specialist
x 367
Troupe, Dawne Mrg. Outreach & Development (Temp)
x 327
Twofoot Boulette, Timothy General Counsel
x 361
Valchev, Delyan Graphic Designer
x 319
Vasquez, Sharon Prof. Education Specialist
x 472
Weiner, Craig Controller (Temp)
x 370
Technical Hotline  
x 309