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As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes the “Covid Era,” all businesses have faced decisions about how best to adapt their operations, workplace, and human resources to a new and still-changing environment. With this uncertainty comes stress, for leaders and managers as well as professionals and staff. Managing and dealing with stress is not just a desirable soft skill; it is increasingly crucial for maintaining a functional work environment.

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  • Expatriation from the United States Part 1: The Exit Tax
    Jan 31, 2023

    The U.S. imposes an Expatriation Tax on U.S. citizens who abandon citizenship and on or long-term U.S. residents (non-citizens) who surrender their green card. The expatriation tax consists of the Exit Tax and the Inheritance Tax.  This article explains the Exit Tax.

  • Sales Tax and Buying a Business – Bulk Sale Filing
    Jan 30, 2023

    People come to the United States seeking the American Dream. To go from rags to riches. To own your own business and excel in this open market economy. But at the same time, what is more American than taxes?

  • COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit Program: Its Aims, Pitfalls, and Implementation
    Jan 30, 2023

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, both federal and state legislatures passed a series of legislation to inject funding into the economy and sought specifically to tailor programs to support small businesses within the United States. With the enactment of the COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit Program, New York seeks to “provide financial assistance to economically harmed businesses to offer relief and reduce the duration and severity of the current economic difficulties” stemming from the pandemic.

  • Defending IRS Collection Actions
    Jan 30, 2023
    During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IRS halted collection activities. Enforcement activities such as levies on bank accounts and wages as well as federal lien filings had paused. However, as we enter the 2022 filing season, the IRS is now fully back in action.