Nominating Committee Seeks Members for 2019

Are you interested in helping to select who will serve on next year’s NYSSCPA Board of Directors? If so, consider serving on the Society’s Nominating Committee. This year’s 11-person Nominating Committee will be recommending a president-elect; four vice presidents; a secretary/treasurer; five at-large directors; and directors from the Mid Hudson, Northeast, Queen/Brooklyn, Rockland and Utica chapters. These nominees are then presented to the membership in a proxy ballot that is sent out in April. 

Under Article IX of the Society’s bylaws, the CPA membership-at-large fills nine Nominating Committee positions, and the Board of Directors designates the remaining two members. The NYSSCPA bylaws can be found here.

Nominations process

To be nominated for the Nominating Committee, petitions with original signatures must be received on or before 5 p.m. (EST) Friday, Aug. 10, 2018, and shall be sent to: NYSSCPA Secretary/Treasurer, 14 Wall Street, 19th Floor, New York, NY 10005. Copies of the Nominating Committee petition can be downloaded here.

Petition signers are limited to signing only one petition, and signatures of members signing multiple petitions will be disregarded on all petitions they sign. Signers must also certify that the nominee would serve if elected. Petitions must be signed by at least 10 CPA members (other than the nominee), all of whom have been CPA members for at least five consecutive years. Submission of multiple petitions for one nominee will not cause the nominee to be disqualified, so long as there are at least 10 signers in the aggregate for that nominee. 

Potential Nominating Committee members should know that they may not themselves be nominated for any position on the Board of Directors for the upcoming fiscal year. If you hope to serve on the Board of Directors, you should not put yourself forward for the Nominating Committee. 

A candidate for the Nominating Committee must not be a current member of the Board of Directors or have been a member of the Nominating Committee either for the two immediately preceding fiscal years or for any three years after June 1, 2003. A list of the members ineligible to serve on the Nominating Committee due to these restrictions can be found below.

Any candidates for the Nominating Committee must have been a CPA member of the Society for at least five continuous years, including at least two years of participation on either a statewide committee or a chapter executive board, or a combination of both. 

Once all the Nominating Committee petitions are received, if more than nine people are nominated, we will hold a membership election to determine the nine petitioners to serve on the committee. If fewer than nine nominations are received, the Board will select the additional committee members, along with the two it designates under the bylaws. 

Failure of the post office or any other person or entity to deliver a completed petition to the above address by 5 p.m. (EST) on Aug. 10, 2018, shall cause such petitions to be disregarded. In addition, any submission by email (including email submission of a petition in PDF format) or by fax shall be disregarded. Submission of a petition with any photocopied signature shall be disregarded. 

First meeting date 

The date set in the bylaws for the Nominating Committee to meet is Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019. In recent years, the Nominating Committee has also met via conference call in December to prepare for the January meeting. For additional information on the nomination process, contact Secretary/Treasurer Anthony T. Abboud at or NYSSCPA General Counsel Joanne Thelmo at

Members Ineligible to Serve on the 2018-2019 Nominating Committee

Jan Herringer
Ita M. Rahilly
Charles V. Abraham
Salvatore A. Collemi
Iralma Pozo
Janeen F. Schrann
Anthony T. Abboud
Darcy Aldous
Dennis N. Annarumma
Sol S. Basilyan
Carnet A. Brown
Christopher G. Cahill
Catherine M. Censullo
Anthony S. Chan
Mitchell A. Davis
Harold L. Deiters III
William H. Dresnack
Edward F. Esposito
Mark L. Farber
Lynne M. Fuentes
Candice Meth
Timothy J. Hammond
Douglas L. Hoffman
Kimberly G. Johnson
Jennifer A. Kartychak
Gerard J. LoVerde
Patricia A. McGrath
Steven M. Morse
Tracey J. Niemotko
Kevin P. O’Leary
Thomas S. Pirro
Renee Rampulla
Brian M. Reese
Robert M. Rollmann
Michael M. Todres
Mark M. Ulrich
David G. Young
Rumbi Bwerinofa-Petrozzello
David A. Lifson
Anthony Cassella
Anthony S. Chan 
Sherry L. DelleBovi
Elizabeth A. Haynie
John J. Lauchert
Kenneth J. Pink
Joel Schleifer 
Denise M. Stefano 
Thomas D. Weddell
Charles J. Weintraub