Attention FAE Customers:
Please be aware that NASBA credits are awarded based on whether the events are webcast or in-person, as well as on the number of CPE credits.
Please check the event registration page to see if NASBA credits are being awarded for the programs you select.

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Social/Non-CPE Event Form


Before you complete this form, please be sure that you’ve reviewed the event process and have reviewed the items below. An NYSSCPA staff member will contact you regarding the upcoming event. He or she will need the information below, at that time.

  • Is this event in the chapter’s budget? If so, proceed. If not, please meet with the chapter’s board for approval.
  • Are there contracts for all vendors that will need to be paid by the NYSSCPA?
  • Is there a P&L for this event?
  • Will you be needing or do you have an event flyer/brochure (optional)?
  • Have you supplied all venue/vendor contact information
This form must be completed no less than 8 weeks prior to the event date. For CPE sessions, please fill out the CPE Technical Session Request Form.

* Required

Registration Contact
Registration Fees

Will the registration involve guest and or group registrations?

If you have leads or are interested in possible event sponsorships, please reach out to Dylan Burkhart at or 925-487-4667.

Your event will be posted on your chapter webpage and included in the chapter digest. A flyer template will be provided for chapter use.

In order to market your event and create a registration page please complete the information requested below:
Program Target Group (you must choose at least one category)
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If you have any additional information or documentation that does not fit into this form, please email and