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Moynihan Scholarship Fund Presents Excellence in Accounting Scholarship

The purpose of the Excellence in Accounting Scholarship of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants (NYSSCPA) and its Moynihan Scholarship Fund (MSF) is to provide financial assistance to encourage and aid deserving candidates to enter the accounting profession. Accordingly, scholarship awards will be based heavily on financial need. At the same time, applicants must meet or exceed a threshold of acceptable academic performance. The program is administered by the MSF, a 501(c) (3)  foundation.

2020 - 2021 Excellence in Accounting Scholarship Winners 

First Name Last Name
Adelphi University Pierce Gierloff
Adelphi University Sanjeda Begum
Adelphi University Donato Moneta
Alfred University Angelica Sudore
Baruch College Junwen Chen
Baruch College Victoria Liu
Baruch College Louise Jiang
Baruch College Maham Ghaffar
Baruch College Frikha Javed
Baruch College Perry Chen
Baruch College Daniel Garcia
Baruch College Jianchang Ling
Baruch College Kokou Hodor
Binghamton University Mia Germaine
Canisius College Ian Clark-Gullick
Canisius College Harlan Mostiller Jr.
Canisius College Hunter Walsh
Canisius College Joey Yakovac
Fordham University Lizeth Jaimez Mendoza
Fordham University Michelle Cheng
Hunter College Ying Weng
Hunter College Wendy Perez
Iona College Ryan Cherry
Manhattan College Michele Rodriguez
Mercy College Ayesha Babar
Monroe College Jazmith Jovine
New York University Carlos Navarrete
Pace University Edda Cuello
St. Francis College Adriana Vieira
SUNY Fredonia Christie Fils-Aime
SUNY Oswego Nicholas Duffy
SUNY Oswego Olivia Wood
Syracuse University Kayla Chen
Syracuse University Shamar Niang
University at Albany Adrian Hernandez
University at Buffalo Kirsten Byman
University at Buffalo Jack Blazey
University at Buffalo Mary Kate Smith
University at Buffalo Jie Lin
University at Buffalo Noelle Ortiz
University at Buffalo Christina Nicolette
University at Buffalo Gary Stiles
University at Buffalo Craig Adriaansen
University at Buffalo Juandy Peralta

2020 - 2021 COAP Scholarship Winners

First Name Last Name
Adelphi University Saba Javed
SUNY Oswego Eh Ahah Kyi

Baruch College

Manhattan/Bronx Ted Wilson Scholarship    
  Daniel Garcia
Anchin Block & Anchin Scholarships    
  Junwen Chen
  Victoria Liu
  Louise Jiang
  Maham Ghaffar


NYSSCPA Buffalo Chapter Scholarships 

School First Name Last Name
SUNY Fredonia Christie Fils-Aime
Canisius College Ian Clark-Gullick
Canisius College Harlan Mostiller Jr.
Canisius College Hunter Walsh
Canisius College Joey Yakovac
University at Buffalo Mary Kate Smith
University at Buffalo Noelle Ortiz


  1. The scholarship is based upon a full year of academic study. The amount of the scholarship shall be $2,500 for full-time study (see 2 below) and $1,250 for part-time study. Payments will be issued in September. They will be made copayable to the student and the school. The scholarship award will be reduced for students enrolled for less than a full year and will be based upon the terms completed.
  2. Each applicant must be enrolled for at least 12 semester credits to receive a full scholarship; an applicant enrolled in six to 11.5 credits per semester shall be eligible to receive a partial scholarship; am applicant enrolled for fewer than six credits is not eligible for an award.
  3. A student may reapply for a scholarship each year through the online application.
  4. Requests for consideration of special circumstances, such as deferral of a scholarship during a period of leave of absence, may be made to the FAE Scholarship Committee.

To learn more about the New York State Society of CPAs and programs for future CPAs, visit www.nysscpa.org


Completed applications are accepted through the online application only. For a complete list of Liaisons, see Campus Liaisons. Students who do NOT have a Campus Liaison may submit their completed application via their department chair or accounting professional contact for the letter of recommendation.

The application consists of the following sections: Personal Information & Questionnaire, Academic Information, Attach Documents, Letter of Recommendation (also includes Financial Aid information request), and Essay.

Each section must be completed in full by the student or appropriate school representative to be eligible for scholarship consideration.

Questions: Email Dawne Troupe, manager of outreach, at dtroupe@nysscpa.org.