Ukrainian Police Seize Accounting Firm's Servers in Connection with Malware Attack

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 5, 2017
Internet Crime

Ukrainian police seized an accounting firm's servers on the suspicion that they had been used to spread a malware attack that last week crippled networks around the world, according to Reuters. Authorities suspect that a major vector for the malware was an automatic software update issued by M.E.Doc, the accounting firm whose servers were seized, though company representatives have denied the allegations. Later analysis of the attack suggests that the groundwork was being laid down since at least the beginning of the year, with the as-of-yet-unknown perpetrators having gained backdoor access to M.E.Doc sending out their first salvo of viruses in April.

While the company is relatively unknown in the U.S., over 80 percent of companies in Ukraine use the software. 

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