Treasury Inspector General: Investigating Missing Tax Analysis a 'Top Priority'

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Dec 1, 2017

The Treasury Inspector General has said that looking into why the secretary's long-awaited analysis of the Republican tax plan has not been released, according to Bloomberg. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had promised to conduct an analysis of the Republican tax plan's effects on the economy, but even as the House has already approved their version and the Senate prepares to vote on theirs, this has not yet happened. In response, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D - Massachusetts) asked the Inspector General to look into why this is, and whether politics was a factor in the delay. Warren asserted that either the Treasury Department spent taxpayer dollars to conduct an analysis it will not release to the public, or it has not actually done enough of the work to release to the public. Either way, she felt that it's a matter worth looking into. The Inspector General agreed, saying that the investigation would be a "top priority" though did not give a timeline as to when the probe would be concluded. 

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