Study: Thanking People At End of Emails Makes Them More Likely to Respond

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 27, 2017

A study of over 350,000 email threads analyzed an email scheduling company has found that you're most likely to get a response if you end your emails with a thank you, according to Inc. The study specifically looked at emails that ended with a question mark to indicate that a response of some sort was desired. Emails that ended with "thanks in advance" got a 65.7 percent response rate, emails ending in "thanks" got a 63 percent response rate, and emails closing with "thank you" got a 57.9 percent response rate. Across the board, ending an email with some sort of thank you has a 36 percent relative increase in average response rate. Ironically enough, the worst way to end an email if you want a response is "best." 

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