Study: It's Better to Have Help When Making Financial Decisions

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 9, 2017

A recent study has found that when people try to make major financial decisions by themselves, it's really stressful and tough to focus, but if they have even a little bit of help from someone else they can remain calm and make more effective decisions, according to CNN Money. The study scanned the brains of participants as they tried to weigh their options on financial matters, both with and without help. What they found was that when people had help in making their decision, the parts of the brain associated with stress were 20 percent less active than if they had to go it alone. Subjects were better able to focus calmly and showed a stronger ability to recognize and understand key concepts versus when they had to do it themselves, according to CNN Money.

The takeaway? People really prefer it when they have someone to help them make sense of their money. Perhaps a professional of some sort, one that is, dare we say, trusted? Someone who can, oh I don't know, account for things effectively? And perhaps might be certified in this area? Hmm... 

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