Study: Gender Pay Gap Widened

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 4, 2017
Pay Gap

While there has been much progress on the gender pay gap over the decades, a recent study has shown a slight regression from 2011 to 2015, going from 97 cents on the dollar to 90, according to Bloomberg. The data, gathered by Pew Research Center, focused specifically on men and women between 25 to 34. When taking all women into account, the gap widens further to, today, 83 cents to the dollar. Bloomberg said young women generally have a smaller gap because they tend not have children yet, which has been found to penalize their pay by about 4 percent per child. The reason why this gap has widened over the years, however, is less to do with young women earning less than young men earning more: the recession impacted men more than women, leading to decreased earnings for me and therefore a smaller pay gap. As the global economy stabilizes, though, pay is starting to return to historical levels, meaning men are regaining ground they lost during the economic crisis. 

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