Study: A 1040 With No Schedules Costs an Average $169 If a CPA Prepares It

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 7, 2016
Dollar sign

The across-the-board average cost to prepare a simple 1040 with no schedules is $114 though if a CPA does the work then the cost is about $169.30 on average, according to Accounting Today. If an attorney prepares the form it will cost an average of $161.25, a CFP will charge about $132.72, an enrolled agent will charge $122.84, and non-credentialed individuals charge an average of $99.51, or $95.74 if they're enrolled in the Annual Filing Season Program. The numbers came from a membership survey of the National Association of Tax Professionals. 

The survey also revealed that 44 percent derive nearly all their revenue from tax prep and 57 percent ask for payment upon completion of returns but before they're filed. 

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