Senate Plans Vote on Healthcare Bill Next Week

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 20, 2017

Senate Republicans plan to hold a vote on their version of the American Health Care Act next week, with party leaders seeking a quick legislative victory before July 4th, according to The Hill. There is little known about what exactly will be in the Senate bill, as it is being developed behind closed doors, which the Hill said will give both the public and legislators little time to read it once it comes out. However the Washington Post said that the broad outline is likely similar to the version passed by the House earlier, but that it would probably make deeper cuts to Medicaid through tying it to a per-capita funding system linked to the CPI-Medical index, repeal or delay at least some of the taxes funding the Affordable Care Act, and give bigger subsidies to the insurance industry than the House version. 

It is unknown whether or not the bill, however it eventually turns out, will have enough support to pass: another Hill piece noted that much of work has been in getting support from the more moderate GOP senators without losing the more conservative party members in the process. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats have been loudly protesting the private nature of the bill negotiations, and threatened to bring everything to a halt if the GOP didn't debate the bill in public. 

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