Security Firm CEO Hacked, Declared Bankrupt

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 12, 2017
Internet Crime

In an irony that could only be called Sophoclean, the CEO of the largest security firm in Sweden had his identity stolen and used to apply for bank loans and, later, declare bankruptcy, according to Bloomberg. The CEO, Alf Goransson, who heads the firm Securitas AB, had his personal information lifted in a hack. After that, the as-of-yet-unknown perpetrator used the CEO's identity to seek a loan and, afterwards, file a bankruptcy application in his name. While the actual theft took place in march, the CEO hadn't known about it until this week. Securitas AB spokespeople stressed that this had no effect of the company itself, only its CEO. Once the hack was discovered, Swedish courts reversed its bankruptcy decision. 


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