Report Finds IRS Support Plummeted This Tax Year

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 20, 2015
SMALL BOX NO. 2An interim report from the Treasury Inspector General of Tax Administration has found that, due to the effects of budget cuts, service and support from the IRS to taxpayers has dropped dramatically. TIGTA found, for example, that as of March 7, 2015, about 45.6 million taxpayers tried to contact the IRS for assistance. Of those, 4.2 million were answered. Each call lasted an average of 24.6 minutes and was rated on average a 38.5 percent in Level of Service. This is in contrast to last year, where Level of Service was 74.7 percent. Because it has fewer people who can address taxpayer concerns, the report said the IRS is becoming increasingly dependent on technology-based self-assistance services like its IRS2Go app, YouTube channels, interactive self-help tools on the IRS website, and social media accounts. 

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