Regulatory Roundup: April 12-18

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 18, 2017


Less than Half of Non-Retired Americans Confident They’ll Reach Financial Goals by Retirement: AICPA Survey 
NEW YORK (April 12, 2017) – During the decades spent waking up early and heading to work, it’s understandable that Americans might view retirement as a light at the end of the tunnel. However, the retirement most Americans now envision is one of financial sacrifice, as the golden years run the risk of being tarnished without better planning. That’s according to a new telephone survey conducted for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) by Harris Poll in March 2017 among 1,018 adults in support of National Financial Capability Month. 


Cost Estimate
S. 363, North Country National Scenic Trail Route Adjustment Act
April 17, 2017

Cost Estimate
H.R. 1665, Disaster Declaration Improvement Act
April 13, 2017

Cost Estimate
S. 343, RESPECT Act
April 13, 2017

Cost Estimate
S. 216, Bureau of Reclamation Transparency Act
April 12, 2017


Reminder: Request for Nominations to the FAF's Private Company Council by April 24, 2017  [04/17/17]
The Trustees of the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) are currently seeking candidates for three upcoming member vacancies on the Private Company Council (PCC): a CPA practitioner, a financial statement preparer, and a financial statement user. The initial term for the three new member positions will commence on January 1, 2018.


Littoral Combat Ship and Frigate:
Delaying Planned Frigate Acquisition Would Enable Better-Informed Decisions
GAO-17-323: Published: Apr 18, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 18, 2017.

Performance Partnerships:
Agencies Need to Better Identify Resource Contributions to Sustain Disconnected Youth Pilot Programs and Data to Assess Pilot Results
GAO-17-208: Published: Apr 18, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 18, 2017.

Medicaid Program Integrity:
CMS Should Build on Current Oversight Efforts by Further Enhancing Collaboration with States
GAO-17-277: Published: Mar 15, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 17, 2017.

Health Care:
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Use in Medicare and Selected Federal Programs
GAO-17-365: Published: Apr 14, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 14, 2017.

Federal Contracts:
Agencies Widely Used Indefinite Contracts to Provide Flexibility to Meet Mission Needs
GAO-17-329: Published: Apr 13, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 13, 2017.

Homeland Security Acquisitions:
Identifying All Non-Major Acquisitions Would Advance Ongoing Efforts to Improve Management
GAO-17-396: Published: Apr 13, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 13, 2017.

Rural Broadband Deployment:
Improved Consistency with Leading Practices Could Enhance Management of Loan and Grant Programs
GAO-17-301: Published: Apr 13, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 13, 2017.

Trade Enforcement:
Information on U.S. Agencies' Monitoring and Enforcement Resources for International Trade Agreements
GAO-17-399: Published: Apr 13, 2017. Publicly Released: Apr 13, 2017.


18 Apr 2017
April 2017 IASB meeting—agenda papers available 


IRS Reminds Taxpayers of April 18 Tax-Filing Deadline
IR-2017-84, April 17, 2017 — The IRS has received 103.6 million 2016 individual income tax returns as of April 7 and expects millions more to be filed by the April 18 deadline.

Some Taxpayers Get Extensions without Asking; Taxpayers Abroad, in Combat Zones and Disaster Areas Qualify
IR-2017-83, April 14, 2017 — Even though April 18 is the tax-filing deadline for most people, some taxpayers in special situations qualify for more time without having to ask for it, according to the IRS.

IRS Reminds Those with Foreign Assets of U.S. Tax Obligations; New Filing Deadline Now Applies to Foreign Account Reports
IR-2017-82, April 13, 2017 — The IRS today reminded U.S. citizens and resident aliens, including those with dual citizenship, to check if they have a U.S. tax liability and a filing requirement.

Tax Deadline Approaches; Nearly 40 Million to File Returns, Extensions by April 18
IR-2017-81, April 13, 2017 — As the April 18 tax filing deadline approaches, the IRS reminded nearly 40 million taxpayers who have yet to file their tax returns that there are a variety of options to help them in the final days of the 2017 tax season.

IRS Offers Last-Minute Filing Tips; Use Direct Deposit for Quicker Refunds
IR-2017-80, April 12, 2017 — With the April 18 deadline fast approaching, the IRS today offered taxpayers still working on their 2016 taxes a number of tips.

NYC Dept. of Finance 

April 17, 2017
Posted Annual Report of the NYC Property Tax for FY'17 including tables.

NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance

Take Advantage of Free Resources Available to Help You Meet Your Tax Filing Obligations before Tonight’s Deadline

NYS Tax Department Announces 9 Arrests Following Crack Down on Unethical Tax Preparers

NYS Tax Department Announces Extended Call Center Hours and Improved Online Resources to Assist Taxpayers Filing Ahead of April 18 Deadline

Tax Tips to Ensure an Easy Filing Process


SEC Freezes Brokerage Accounts Behind Alleged Insider Trading
Washington D.C., April 14, 2017—The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced an emergency court order to freeze assets in two brokerage accounts used last week to reap more than $1 million in alleged insider trading profits in connection with a merger announcement by telecommunications companies.

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