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PRESIDENT'S COMMENTARY: An Important Election for Our Organization

Joseph M. Falbo, CPA, NYSSCPA President
Published Date:
Sep 1, 2015

Joseph M Falbo Jr CPA CGMAWith a record number of candidates seeking positions on the NYSSCPA’s 2015–2016 Nominating Committee, the Society’s CPA membership will be called upon in the weeks ahead to cast ballots and select several individuals to serve.

There are 17 candidates who filed valid petitions for 9 positions on the committee. As a result, our bylaws dictate that an election must be held to determine who will fill these roles. The 9 candidates with the most votes will join two designees from the Board of Directors in order to form the 11-member Nominating Committee. On the second Thursday of January, for the last 118 years, the Nominating Committee undertakes one of the Society’s most important tasks—selecting its future leaders.

This year, the Nominating Committee will be recommending a president-elect; four vice presidents; a secretary/treasurer; five at-large directors; and directors from the Mid Hudson, Northeast, Queens/Brooklyn, Rockland and Utica chapters. These nominees are then presented to the membership in a proxy ballot that is distributed in April.

The Nominating Committee plays a crucial role in the future of the Society, and it is encouraging to see so many individuals interested in participating in this process.

All CPA members of the Society are eligible to cast a vote in this election. A member may choose up to 9 candidates from the list of 17 names.

If you are a CPA member with an email address registered with the Society, for the first time in our organization’s history, you will receive an email directing you to the portion of the Society’s website where you may cast your vote. CPA members who do not have an email address registered with the  NYSSCPA will be mailed a paper ballot that must be completed and mailed back to the Society.

If you’re a CPA member of the Society and do not receive your ballot via either of these two methods  by Sept. 25, please contact NYSSCPA Public Affairs Manager  Robert Busweiler at 212-719-8385 or

According to the Society’s bylaws, all ballots must be received or filed by 5 p.m., Oct. 21.

You can see the candidates’ service histories with the Society on page 8 of this issue of The Trusted Professional or online at nomination-center/nominating-committee-vote-2015.

At this time, I would also like to remind anyone who is interested in serving on the Board of Directors next year to begin putting together any information you may want to submit as part of your expression of interest. If you are interested in submitting a nomination for the chapter representative board positions, please first contact the respective chapter president; chapter presidents’ contact information is available in the chapters section of the NYSSCPA website,

In order to serve on the Board of Directors, you must have been a CPA member of the Society for at least five years and have at least two years of service, either on a statewide committee, a chapter executive board, or a combination of both.

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