Poll: Only 19 Percent of Companies Planning Complete In-Person Return to Office

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Aug 23, 2021

As the Delta coronavirus variant sweeps through the country, a recent poll has found that fewer than one in five companies plan to have a 100 percent in-person workplace come the fall, Fortune reported. The poll, conducted by PwC, surveyed about 1,000 workers and about 750 executives. Just 19 percent said that their workplaces will be all in-person once the fall arrives. However, this is far more than the 4 percent who said that their workplaces are going  to be100 percent remote. Much more common was some mix of in-person and remote; 18 percent said they will be doing a hybrid arrangement, while a further 18 percent said it will he a combination of in-person and hybrid work, meaning that some workers will work full-time in person and others will work full-time in a hybrid format.

The most common arrangement, at 33 percent, is anticipated to be, functionally, the kitchen sink: a "mix of in-person, hybrid, and fully-remote." In addition, 4 percent of the respondents said that teams will be able to self-organize, and 4 percent are delaying implementation.

For many workers, though, the lack of shifting to remote work has been more a matter of "can't" versus "won't," as 21 percent said the nature of their jobs makes remote work impossible, a figure only slightly higher than the 19 percent who said they'll be doing no remote work at all in the fall. 

Another recent poll found that nearly 40 percent of workers would rather quit than go back to full-time remote work. Even though there are those who say their jobs make it impossible to avoid, further studies have found that the COVID-19 pandemic has made many young people reflective about their career paths, as nearly one in three workers under 40 have said they're looking to change professions since the pandemic began. This mindset can be seen in the large numbers of people quitting their jobs, the breakneck pace of new businesses forming lately, as well as the wave of people who have either moved (17 percent since the pandemic) or are considering doing so (28 percent). 

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