Poll: Most People Find Work Stressful

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Mar 30, 2017

A recent survey conducted by Paychex has found that the majority of people find work to be pretty stressful, while roughly equal numbers either found to work to be ​really ​stressful or, conversely, not stressful at all. The findings came from a poll of 2,000 full-time U.S. employees with ages ranging from 18 to 79. 

Survey respondents were asked to rate their average on-the-job stress levels from one to five. What they found was that most people have moderate to severe levels of stress. 42.4 percent of people rated their average stress levels at three, 25.7 percent rated it at four, and 4.9 percent rated it at five. Only 5.1 percent rated their stress levels at one, and 21.9 percent rated it at two. 

Workers also spend a significant portion of their work weeks feeling stressed. Over 70 percent of people said they felt stressed at work three or more days a week. The main reasons for this stress were complicated or hard work (a little more than 16 percent) and long or erratic hours (nearly 15 percent). Following this, at about 10 percent each, were lack of control, lack of resources, tough deadlines and too much work. 

Paychex then derived the most stressful industries based on the total number of days respondents said they felt stressed. At the top was marketing and advertising, followed by arts, entertainment and recreation, followed by wholesale and retail, followed by telecommunications, followed by military and public safety. Meanwhile, those in middle management reported the highest average stress levels while owners or partners reported the highest number of days spent stressed. 

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