Poll: Majority of American Job Seekers Want Not Just New Employer But New Career

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 11, 2020
With tens of millions still out of work in the pandemic era, a recent poll has found that 61 percent of Americans looking for a new job are doing so with the hope to change their careers entirely, said CNN Business. The poll, conducted by Morning Consult and commissioned by Amazon, found that these job seekers, who include both people currently employed but looking for a new job and those who are unemployed, have looked for positions in a new industry outside their current background. Half of those looking for a new job are doing so directly because of the pandemic.

One reason why people are looking into different industries, according to 27 percent of respondents, is that they are concerned that their skills will become irrelevant in the next five years; nearly half of those already employed said they'd quit their current job if their new company provided some kind of skills training at its expense. 

As for where they're looking to go, the majority are gravitating toward either the health care field or technology, both of which are booming industries in this current era of tumult and strife.

That being said, perhaps someone contemplating a career change is looking at this very blog post right now. Should this be the case, one should know that there are many CPAs who came into the profession later in their careers. A 2015 feature in the Trusted Professional showcases four such CPAs, who joined the profession after being a full-time mom, a plumber, a police officer, and a health care consultant (respectively, not all at once, which would be bonkers).

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