Poll: "Intelligence" Seen as Least Valuable Feature for New Hires

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 13, 2017

Being smart is only important for a minority of hiring managers when deciding on which candidates they should hire, according to Quartz. That's what about 500 staffing professionals, such as recruiters and hiring managers from human resources departments said in a survey. When asked what qualities they value most in a new hire, 12.8 percent said "intelligence," making it the lowest category. Beating out this metric were "confidence" (13.9 percent), "friendliness" (14.1 percent), "leadership ability" (14.8 percent), "reliability" (20.2 percent) and, finally, "professionalism" (24.1 percent). What the survey essentially tells us is that it's more important that someone conduct themselves professionally, show up on time, do their work, and generally get along with, and possibly lead, the rest of the staff. In contrast, someone who lacks all of these things but is highly intelligent, even to the point of genius, would not be seen as a good fit for the organization. 

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