Poll: Firms Want More Involved Controllers, But Don't Always Know How

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 12, 2017
Choosing a direction

Similar to the CFO, many companies are expecting the controller role to go beyond its traditionally operational functions and be a more active player in strategic planning and initiatives, but a a recent survey has found that many companies aren't exactly sure what that means, according to a recent survey from Deloitte. The study, which polled 1,500 controllership function professionals like Chief Accounting Officers or vice presidents of finance, found that 91.9 percent of agree that the CFO and businesses are requesting that the controllership function be more active in shaping and executing strategic priorities. And controllers generally feel they're up to this task, with 87.7 percent being either extremely confident or somewhat confident that they ahve the right skills and capabilities to fulfill its vision. 

Now if only they knew what exactly it is they're supposed to fulfill: 23.7 percent of survey respondents said their company has no clearly defined and communicated vision setting the future direction of that function, while 30.3 percent said they're in the process of developing such a vision. Even when the company has one, however, it's not always enough: 13.9 percent said that, yes, their business does have such a clearly defined vision, but it hasn't really been communicated. Only 23.7 percent said that, yes, the company has a vision that is clearly defined and communicated. 

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