Poll Finds 62 Percent of Manhattan Workers Expect They Will Be Back in Office Come September

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 8, 2021

A recent survey has found that a solid majority of Manhattan office workers, 62 percent, anticipate that they will be back in their offices by September, Crain's New York Business reported. The survey, conducted by the Partnership for New York City, represents a major change in expectations since the last time that the organization conducted the poll: In March, only 45 percent expected to be back in the office by September. One reason for the increase could be that Manhattan workers are more confident now that vaccines have been distributed (56 percent of adults in the city are fully vaccinated).

But this confidence has not so far translated into action: Despite a majority expecting to be back in the office this fall, only 12 percent actually had returned as of last month, an anemic figure, which nonetheless is still higher than the 10 percent who returned in April.

As expected, employers generally don't plan to have their employees commute to the office 100 percent of the time, embracing instead a hybrid approach: 71 percent said they plan to adopt such a model, with 63 percent saying that employees would be expected to show up at least three days a week. Furthermore, few are demanding that their employees get vaccinated—only 15 percent of survey participants.

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