Poll: Debt of Between $34,000 and $40,000 is Romantic Dealbreaker

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 30, 2021
iStock-684876244 Divorce Couple Fighting Mad Sad Upset

Large amounts of debt can certainly put a damper on one's romantic ambitions, but a recent poll claims to have quantified exactly how much is too much, reported CNBC. The survey, conducted by personal finance site Finder.com, found that men would not tolerate more than $40,000 in debt in a possible romantic partner; for women, it was $34,000. Overall, about 38 percent of the 1,600 people polled would reconsider a romantic relationship on account of someone's debt, a 12 percent increase from last year. The poll also looked specifically at how much school debt one would tolerate in a potential romantic partner. Broken down by age, Millennials believe too much is $12,000; for Gen X, it is $15,000; for Baby Boomers, the sum is $34,000.

There is good reason to consider someone's debt load when considering whether to date or marry that person. A Federal Reserve study from 2015 found that relationships where both partners have good credit are more likely to endure than relationships where either both partners have bad credit, or one partner has much better credit than the other. That is mainly because the couples with good credit are less likely to experience financial stress, which can be a major factor in breakups. Since money issues tend to be the most common reason for couples to argue, it stands to reason, according to the paper, that if both partners have good credit, they will have fewer money problems, and so have fewer arguments, and will thus be more likely to stay together than, say, couples where both partners are faced with frequent financial issues.

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