Poll: 20 Percent Would Get an IRS Tattoo If It Meant Not Having to Pay Taxes

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 11, 2017

A recent poll has found that, if it meant never having to worry about taxes ever again, about 20 percent of people would get an IRS tattoo somewhere on their body, according to WalletHub, a personal financial advisory firm. That's more than the people who would move abroad, 16 percent, give up talking for six months, 9.77 percent, or name their first-born child "Taxes," 6 percent. Meanwhile, doing taxes appears to remind people that they should do their laundry, as 73.16 percent said they'd really rather do that than work out what they owe to Uncle Sam. The only two things that more people would prefer less than doing their taxes is cook a full Thanksgiving dinner, at 44 percent, or change dirty diapers, 40 percent. 

This dislike is, of course, why many people hire tax preparers to take on this unpleasant task for them. They're not much happier to be doing your taxes than you would be, though, as the busy season is inevitably seen as a time of eye strain, back aches, insomnia and stress. Accounting Today noted that professionals cope in many different ways, but with the long hours demanded this time of the year, these small breaks are luxuries. Still, that's at least enough time to get some stretches in, no?

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