On the Importance of Coffee to the Functioning of the Modern Workplace

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 29, 2015
'A small cup of coffee' by Julius SchorzmanA recent study says that coffee's benefits extend far past the inevitable caffeine crash a few hours later: the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease says that drinking a moderate, consistent amount each day reduces later risk for developing dementia and Alzheimer's. For offices where the coffee machine has a special place in the hearts of every worked (see: virtually all of them), this news should provide a nice extra pick-me-up beyond the initial jolt of that first sip. 

This has gotten us thinking about the role coffee in general plays in the modern workplace, namely how it has gone from a perk to something that is as essential to a well-run office as copy machines, post-it notes, or even staplers. In certain cases, maybe even more so: an informal poll among the NYSSCPA communications team has found that people would give up staplers before coffee. Lest anyone think this is an exaggeration, a (much more formal) survey taken in January found that 89 percent of workers say that a good cup of coffee can make the entire workday better. Cutting it off, meanwhile, can make it measurably worse: one study pegs it specifically at 19 percent worse. It's also useful for promoting camaraderie within the office as well: another study found that social bonds at workplaces (in the study's case, a call center) strengthen when people have the opportunity to take a coffee break together. Another study suggests it can even produce a more ethical workplace! 

So drink up! Coffee's not just good for you, it's good for the company too. 

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