NYSSCPA Kicks Off Get Money Smart Campaign at NY Public Library

Maya Lindsay
Published Date:
Oct 27, 2015
NYSSCPA volunteers at NYPL

NYSSCPA member volunteers shared their expertise with more than 150 area residents on Friday at the New York Public Library’s (NYPL’s) annual Financial Planning Day, an eight-hour event open to the general public featuring financial planning seminars and access to regulators, nonprofits, state and local governments and other groups who can aid New Yorkers looking to increase their financial acuity. The event took place at NYPL’s Science, Industry and Business Library on 34th Street in New York City.

The event served as the launch of the Society’s Get Money Smart financial literacy campaign, aimed at not only increasing New Yorkers’ ability to make better decisions when it comes their finances, but to also raise the public’s awareness of certified public accountants as accessible, trusted advisors. In addition to one-on-one discussions with attendees about taxes and college savings, members shared with fair attendees investment choices available to them as well as estate planning strategies. Visitors to the NYSSCPA’s resource table were also encouraged to take with them the 2015 Financial Fitness Kit and the Complete Money Workbook for Children. These and other financial literacy resources are available on the NYSSCPA’s website.

Participating NYSSCPA members included Iralma Pozo, Daniel Mazzola, William Minoff, Tony Girard, Bill McColl, Dolly Rios, Yuan Sun, Ayanna Coleman, Daniel Bediako, Qiang Zhao, Lydia Vercelli, and Robert Eierman. They were among other NYPL financial fair volunteers representing other agencies, including the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, New York State’s attorney general’s office, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the federal Social Security Administration.

To find out more about the Get Money Smart initiative, go tonysscpa.org/getmoneysmart.

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