NYSSCPA Board Seeks to Fill 2 Remaining Nominating Committee Seats by Appointment

Anthony T. Abboud, NYSSCPA Secretary/Treasurer
Published Date:
Aug 15, 2017

The official Nominating Committee petition period ended on Friday, Aug. 11, but there are still two open spaces. The NYSSCPA Board is ready to step in to fill these spots, but it’s still asking for interested members to step up and join this important committee.

According to Article IX of the NYSSCPA bylaws, the Nominating Committee must have 11 CPA members. Nine of them join by petition, as described in Paragraph 3, and two are designated by the Board of Directors from its elected members. As of Aug. 11, only seven members submitted petitions, so according to the bylaws, they are automatically deemed elected.

The bylaws state that, now, the two open positions are considered “vacancies,” under Paragraph 7. The Board can fill the open positions at its discretion, as long as the candidates meet the qualifications under Paragraph 2. A candidate must—

  1. be a CPA member;
  2. have at least five years’ continuous membership in the Society;
  3. have at least two years of participation on a Society-level committee, as a member of the board of a chapter, or some combination of both;
  4. not have served as a member of the Nominating Committee for either of the two preceding fiscal years;
  5. not have served more than three terms on the Nominating Committee after June 1, 2003; and
  6. except for the Board-designated Nominating Committee members, not be a current member of the Board.

CPAs meeting these requirements and wanting to be considered for these two Board-appointed positions should contact NYSSCPA Secretary/Treasurer Anthony T. Abboud at secretarytreasurer@nysscpa.org or NYSSCPA General Counsel Joanne Thelmo at jthelmo@nysscpa.org.

The Nomination Center on the NYSSCPA website has more information, including a list of the seven members who have submitted petitions, as well a list of those ineligible to serve because of current or past Board or Nominating Committee service. 

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