NYS Doesn't Know How Many Got Inaccurate Prop. Tax Credit Checks

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 4, 2016

While Albany has sent out hundreds of thousands of checks to homeowners as part of the STAR property tax relief program, it recently admitted that some of them are inaccurate and shortchange their recipients. Further, the state doesn't know just how many inaccurate checks were sent out, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard. The inaccurate checks have, so far, been mainly confined to the town of Salina and the surrounding area, where about 20 percent received checks for less than what they're actually entitled to under the program. The issue could be a recent change in the program: while previously the program worked by cutting people's tax bills directly, last year it instead began sending checks equal to how much the homeowner would have saved through the reduced assessment. The state tax department plans to send checks to shortchanged taxpayers to balance out the remainder of the credit, but can only do so for those that they know about. Homeowners worried that their checks are not for the full amount they're entitled to can check last year's tax bill, or contact their local tax collector if they applied for the Enhanced STAR rebate after July 1. 

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