Now You Can Join Mentor Match Through myNYSSCPA

Feilin Gao
Published Date:
Oct 19, 2021

Mentor Match links experienced professionals with members who have newly started their careers or are in a career transition. The program is a win-win for mentees, mentors and the profession. Whether you are looking forward to deepening your knowledge in the profession or recruiting and retaining top talent, Mentor Match acts as ongoing support throughout your career and continually improves your skills. (For more benefits, visit

Now you can register for Mentor Match on the myNYSSCPA app! Follow the easy steps to find/become a mentor today:

Step 1: Open the app, tap “More” at the end of the menu bar to find the “Mentor Match” feature. (If you have not yet installed the myNYSSCPA app, go to to download the app to your smartphone or tablet.)

Mentor Match Step1

Step 2: After tapping on the “Mentor Match” feature, fill out the “Username” and “Password” with the same ID number and password you use to log into the website;

Mentor Match Step2_1

If you see the following notification, it means that you have put the wrong ID number or password. Tap the “go back” arrow icon to try again. (Do not tap the “Back to Homepage” button.)

Mentor Match Step2_2

Step 3: After you successfully log in, you can register as a mentor or mentee, or both a mentor and mentee at the same time. Enjoy your mentorship!

Mentor Match Step3

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