New Wave of Ransomware Rampages Through Internet

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 28, 2017
Internet Crime

Businesses across the world have been hit with a massive cyberattack that locks down victims' systems and demands $300 in Bitcoin, wrecking havoc and disrupting operations across many different industries, according to Reuters. The virus appears to have come from Ukraine, with initial vectors originating with those who downloaded a popular tax software package or visited a local news site. The BBC said that the tax software in question is called MEDoc: hackers apparently compromised the company's automated update system, using it to install malware instead of a legitimate update. While the virus bears a resemblance to the WannaCry attack that paralyzed networks last month, CNN said this one spreads by infiltrating company networks, versus randomly hopping through the Internet. It also locks down the entire hard drive, instead of simply limiting access to files. While the malware demands money, security experts are debating whether profit was the real motive, as opposed to just disruption, according to Reuters. These same experts posited that the attack could be from a state actor probing systems for weakness. 

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