New Study Finds You Can Consume About 4 Mugs of Coffee Per Day

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 28, 2017

A team of scientists examined 700 different studies about how much caffeine is too much, and found that, in general, the answer is about 400 milligrams, which translates into about four eight-ounce diner mugs per day, according to The Atlantic. For pregnant women, it's 300 milligrams. The researchers, however, were quick to note that if you consume 401 milligrams that doesn't mean your heart is going to burst from your chest like the alien from Alien, as there's great variation in caffeine tolerance from person to person. However, someone who goes over that tolerance can find a number of adverse health effects, such as depression, anxiety, hypertension or even sperm with damaged DNA (if the body produces it, presumably). The point, however, might be moot: an article in Bloomberg notes that scientists are currently fighting to prevent a coffee apocalypse, as coffee crops throughout the world face deforestation, abnormally high temperatures, a lack of precipitation, and disease: production will need to increase 50 percent to keep up with demand if the problem is not solved. 

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