MTA Chief Procurement Officer Fired Over Accusations of Trying to Bribe KPMG for Favors

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Mar 20, 2017

Angel Barbosa, until recently the chief procurement officer for New York's MTA, has been fired for an alleged bribery scheme with Big Four firm KPMG, where he sought kickbacks in exchange for lucrative contracts with the agency, according to the New York Post. The scheme did not actually work, however, as an MTA spokesperson said that KPMG led him on, making him think he was going to get something from them in exchange for the contracts. The Post said that KPMG has been working with the MTA since 2010 to help it streamline its budget and cut costs, and that it renewed its contract with the agency last year. Barbosa first joined the MTA in 2013. 

Barbosa has also been accused of manipulating documents and records to increase the salary and position for his girlfriend, who herself has been suspended without pay while an investigation into the matter proceeds. 

MTA Inspector General Barry Kluger felt these allegations were serious enough to consider bringing the case to the Manhattan DA's office or to federal investigators. 


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