More Than One in Five Managers Perceive Those Who Take Lunch Breaks as Less Hardworking

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 11, 2018
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A survey has found that many managers have taken Gordon Gecko's pronouncement that lunch is for wimps to heart, as 22 percent of them say employees who take a lunch break are less hardworking than those who do not, according to Ladders, a career and job advice site. Workers, for their part, worry that taking regular lunch breaks will damage their managers' view of their work ethic in almost equal amount, 20 percent. 

This calls to mind the results of another recent survey that found 41 percent of workers have been made to feel a sense of guilt or shame by their coworkers, supervisor or employer for taking time off to go on vacation. Another found that about 25 percent of Americans feared they'd appear less dedicated at work if they took time off, 20 percent feared losing consideration for raises or promotions and 23 percent were worried they'd be seen as replaceable. 

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