Microsoft Announces End of Support for Windows 7, Which Is Used on One Third of All PCs

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jan 14, 2020

Microsoft announced that, starting today, it will no longer be offering support for Windows 7, the operating system that runs on one-third of PCs worldwide, leaving users more vulnerable to viruses, malware and other cyberattacks, according to CNN. While people can still use devices running Windows 7, Microsoft has recommended that they either upgrade or buy a new device that runs the most recent version, Windows 10. 

The percentage of Windows 7 users today is roughly the same as the percentage of Windows XP users in 2014, when Microsoft announced it would be ending support for that version. At the time, the company enjoyed almost one-third of the entire operating system market share, and Windows was used by 45 percent of all businesses. As a result, many had to scramble to update computers when they hadn't done so in years, which for some was more complicated than it might seem. Some businesses found that they needed to update not only their operating system, but also their payroll software, database software, server architecture and security software, all of which had been running on the previous version. Further, for companies with thousands of computers to update, the process cost a lot of extra time and money. 

Much time has passed since 2014, however. It is currently unknown whether updating systems to Windows 10 will have a similarly disruptive impact that the end of Windows XP support had. 

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