Leak Exposes Personal Information, Political Stances of Nearly 200 Million Registered Voters

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 19, 2017

In one of the largest data breaches of its kind, the personal information of nearly 200 million registered voters―including date of birth, home and mailing addresses, phone number, registered party, self-reported racial demographic and more―was leaked by a firm working on behalf of the Republican National Committee, according to cybersecurity firm UpGuard, which discovered the breach. The data was stored in a publicly accessible cloud server owned by Deep Root Analytics, which UpGuard said lacked any protection at all against unauthorized access. Beyond the basic personal information that identity thieves already pay top dollar for, the leaked data also reveals political positions such as their stance on fossil fuel usage, their opinion on the pharmaceutical industry, their views on immigration, or whether they think the Affordable Care Act should be repealed. 

"Beyond the almost limitless criminal applications of the exposed data for purposes of identity theft, fraud, and resale on the black market, the heft of the data and analytical power of the modeling could be applied to even more ambitious efforts - corporate marketing, spam, advanced political targeting. Any of these potential misuses of private information can be prevented, provided stakeholders obey a few simple precepts in collecting and storing data," said the UpGuard report. 

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