IRS Warns of Surge of Phishing Schemes Emerging Over Last Few Days

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Apr 3, 2017

Tax time is prime time for identity thieves looking for personal information, but the IRS has said there has been an unusually large amount of phishing activity as the tax deadline draws near, even for this time of year. It warned professionals to beware of emails with certain subject lines. 

The subject lines on these scam emails vary but they generally are related to e-Service account closures. Some examples include:

  • * Account Closure!
  • * e-Service Account is Blocked
  • * Few Hours to Close Your Account
  • * Your Account is Closed
  • * Your Account is Terminated
  • * 24Hrs to Block Your Account

Links in the scam email send practitioners to a fake e-Services login page where thieves can steal the user’s credentials. It is “signed” by “IRS gov e-Services.” 

E-Services account holders should beware of schemes to obtain their password information. If an account has been closed because of failure to revalidate, users should contact the e-Services Help Desk to have it reopened. Users who are in doubt about the validity of emails should never open a link or attachment, but instead go directly to Users also should sign up for Quick Alerts, e-News for Tax Professionals or other subscription services to receive information directly from the IRS.  

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