IRS Warns of Bogus Obamacare Notices

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Sep 23, 2016
Internet Crime

Adding to the ever-lengthening bestiary of scams, scams and flimflams, the IRS is warning people not to fall for a bogus email asking tax filers to send an Obamacare-related payment, according to CNN Money

The email includes a fake CP2000 notice, which is what the IRS uses to inform a taxpayer that they have third party information that differs from the information on the filed return, and a message saying that the filer unreported income due to their coverage in the Affordable Care Act and so owes the IRS money. 

The IRS will never contact a taxpayer via email, nor will it send a CP2000 over the Internet, noted CNN Money. Recipients of these emails should inform the IRS at 

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