IRS to Use QR Codes to Help Taxpayers Navigate Site

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 15, 2020
The IRS will begin printing QR codes on certain past due tax notices that are meant to help taxpayers more easily navigate to where they need to go on the agency's website, said Accounting Today. The CP14 and CP14 IA balance-due notices, which inform taxpayers of taxes due, will now contain the codes that recipients will be able to scan with their smartphones, which will then take them to exactly where they need to go on the IRS website. They will be able to securely access their account, set up a payment plan or contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service, giving them direct access to the information they need to resolve their account balance online without the need to call or interact with the IRS directly. The IRS is currently assessing the use of further QR codes on other notices in the future.

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