IRS Criminal Investigations Struggling with Personnel Shortages

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Dec 15, 2017

The number of criminal cases pursued by the IRS has dropped 11 percent over the past year, mainly due to staffing shortages, having lost 21 percent of of its agents since 2011, according to Accounting Today. This is despite a slight 2.6 percent increase in hires last year. As the IRS has fewer agents to work with, it has had to become more selective about the cases it pursues, which necessarily means fewer cases will be opened in the first place. Between this year and last year the Criminal Investigation Division opened 376 fewer cases and recommended 510 fewer prosecutions. Identity theft cases in particular have plummeted over the years, with 2017 seeing only 374 such cases being opened, versus 1,492 in 2013, when they peaked. 

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