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IRS: Beware of Fake Charities

S.J. Steinhardt
Published Date:
Oct 24, 2023


The IRS has warned taxpayers to be on the lookout for donor solicitations from fake charities and has accompanied that warning with a list of tips to protect against such scams.

"We all want to help innocent victims and their families," said IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel. "Knowing we're trying to aid those who are suffering, criminals crawl out of the woodwork to prey on those most vulnerable—people who simply want to help. Especially during these challenging times, don't feel pressured to immediately give to a charity you've never heard of. Check out the charity first and confirm it is authentic."

The IRS told those who wish to make donations to use the Tax-Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) tool to help find or verify qualified, legitimate charities. The agency also urged anyone encountering a fake or suspicious charity to see the FBI's resources on Charity and Disaster Fraud.

Taxpayers should take steps to  protect themselves against fake charity promoters who may use emails, fake websites, or alter or "spoof" their caller ID to make it look like a real charity is calling to solicit donations. Taxpayers should request the charity's exact name, website and mailing address so they can independently confirm the information and use the TEOS to verify if an organization is a legitimate tax-exempt charity. They should not give into pressure or feel rushed into making an immediate payment. They should not give more money or personal information than needed. And they should be wary about how a donation is requested.

“Taxpayers who give money or goods to a charity can claim a deduction if they itemize deductions, but these donations only count if they go to a qualified tax-exempt organization recognized by the IRS,” the agency said.

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