Indian Authorities Shut Down 9 Scam IRS Call Centers

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 7, 2016

Indian authorities have cracked down on call centers whose workers make bogus calls to U.S. taxpayers saying they're from the IRS, having recently arrested 70 people at nine facilities as part of these scams, according to CNN Money. The workers, who had been trained to speak with an American accent, were using stolen identities to call victims and tell them that they owed back taxes and that they would be arrested if they hung up. The operation, which was busted through the use of a mole inside the organization, was making $150,000 a day for up to a year. Authorities believe that they were coordinating with accomplices in the U.S. to pull of the scam. 

Scammers have increasingly been impersonating IRS agents whether through phone calls or email. While taxpayers are the usual target, this past year has seen the emergence of scams that target tax preparers as well. 

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