Gov. Hochul Calls on Businesses to Call Workers Back to Office

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 19, 2021

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul called on businesses to make their workers come back to the office for at least the majority of days after the new year,  Crain's New York Business reported.. The governor made her remarks at a Midtown breakfast organized by the Association for a Better New York. Hochul framed this call as a New Year's resolution, saying that the city's infection rate is low enough, and its vaccination rate high enough, that workers should feel safe returning to the office. Otherwise, she said, small businesses that rely on foot traffic from commuters could face peril. 

New Yorkers may not take kindly to the governor's call. A recent poll found that only 28 percent of Manhattan office workers are actually back in the office, and it is projected that when January comes around, the percentage will still be less than half. This is likely because workers are increasingly demanding options allowing them to perform the majority of their jobs remotely, even if it meant a small pay cut. At a time when qualified staff members are more difficult to come by, companies have been loathe to enact measures that might lead to more people resigning. 

Hochul's audience seemed more tuned into this mindset; according to Crain's, while business leaders praised the idea, many were skeptical it could happen. 

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