Gov. Cuomo Now Says 100 Percent of Nonessential Workers Must Stay Home, Accountants Deemed Essential

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Mar 20, 2020

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now saying that every single nonessential worker must stay home in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic, according to CNBC. While the governor acknowledged this as a drastic step, the morning announcement came amid news that, overnight, the number of confirmed cases has gone from 2,950 to 7,102. While not precisely calling it a "shelter in place" order, which NYC Mayor de Blasio has been asking for, CNBC noted that it's functionally the same as measures taken in other states that have called it that.

The proportion of workers meant to stay home has progressed rapidly over just a week. On March 18, Cuomo ordered that businesses not have more than 50 percent of their staff working away from home. The next day, faced with surging numbers of infected, the governor increased that proportion to 75 percent.

Businesses providing "essential services" are exempted from these rules. Albany yesterday provided guidance on what does and does not count as an "essential service" in terms of complying with the 75 percent rule. The list is quite exhaustive, but generally includes health care, utilities such as power and water, manufacturers in sectors like processed food and medical devices, grocery stores and pharmacies, services such as trash pickup or funeral homes, news media, financial services, providers of basic necessities to economically disadvantaged people, construction, defense, police and firefighters, and vendors for any of the other essential services.

Included as essential service providers are, indeed, accountants, who are listed under financial services alongside banking, insurance and payroll processing.

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