Former Accountants, Awaiting Trial on Fraud Charge, Ran Another Scam in the Meantime

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jul 31, 2017

Being arrested and charged with fraud was apparently not enough to dissuade one Arizona woman, who is now accused of running another scam while out on bail for the first one, according to the Arizona Republic. Tiffany White had been charged in January with stealing between $4,000 and $25,000 from 14 of her former clients, as well as billing doctors, lawyers and other professionals for unnecessary services, then pilfering their bank accounts. While awaiting trial on these charges, two different dry-cleaning business owners sold their companies to White. While she promised to take over their leases as part of the purchase contract, White is said to have never paid any rent, leaving the original business owners on the hook for back payments. She is also accused of stealing clothes belonging to customers, and stripping one of the businesses of its equipment. Both said that they had been unaware of White's history when they worked through a broker to sell their businesses. Incidentally, the Arizona State Board of Accountancy stripped White of her CPA license last year, citing her history of "dishonesty, fraud, or gross or continuing negligence." 


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