For Successful Managers, Letting Go of Superstar Employees Can Bring In Talent

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Oct 4, 2016

RankYou've got a star performer on your payroll who is taking your business into places you've only dreamed about. But as much as you appreciate all their hard work and talent, you're gripped by anxiety about the day they eventually realize they can find a better job somewhere else. An article in The Wall Street Journal, though, says your best performers leaving the company isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

It seems a little unintuitive--why would it be good if your strongest worker decides they want to move onto other things? The thinking behind it is that letting go of star performers means that exceptional employers would build a reputation as a launchpad for future careers and attract talent.

Still, a successful manager would be able to handle the flow of talent within the business, dealing with an influx as well as departures.

Letting go of top performers would also provide a benefit for bosses: expanding an alumni network of contacts.

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