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Finance Chiefs Turning Against Microsoft Excel

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Nov 27, 2017
excel-1771393_1920 (1)

Influential finance chiefs of major public corporations like Adobe are increasingly turning against popular business spreadsheet software Microsoft Excel, saying it's a relic of an earlier age that's getting in the way of today's business, according to the Wall Street Journal. While practically endemic to any company that handles data, the software is increasingly seen as unable to meet sophisticated business needs: there are limits to how much data can be put into a single document, people can't easily collaborate across a single document, and changes must often be entered manually. By contrast, more companies are turning instead to cloud-based services that let people aggregate, analyze and report data on one unified platform, often without additional training. This allows processes that once took hours to now take only minutes. The Journal, however, noted that wide scale changes could take time, as Excel has more than 120 million users. In a world where Windows XP, a decades-old operating system, remains popular with businesses, new ways of doing things tend to be slow in coming. 

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