Employers Offering Summer Fridays Doubled from 2015

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Jun 15, 2017

Whether leaving early or just taking the day off entirely, the number of employers offering some sort of summer Friday policy has jumped in recent years, going from 21 percent in 2015 to 42 percent in 2017, according to Bloomberg. That's according to a survey of over 200 companies conducted by the Corporate Executive Board, a consulting firm. Bloomberg said the rise of these sorts of policies reflect the reality that most office workers aren't getting all that much done at 4 p.m. on a Friday anyway. Formalizing the process, according to Bloomberg, builds goodwill with employees, who companies are increasingly trying to woo through special perks as the labor market tightens. Beyond this, Bloomberg said, companies are offering more paid vacation days, stronger parental and family leave packages and more workplace flexibility. Having summer Fridays, said Bloomberg, is a cheap and easy way to provide one more benefit that can potentially sway new hires. 

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