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Doubts Emerge on Man Claiming to be Bitcoin Creator

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
May 3, 2016
BitcoinCraig Wright, the Australian computer scientist who recently said he is the inventor of the digital currency Bitcoin, has come under fire as evidence offered in support of his claims has come under doubt, according to The Economist. Wright presented as a digital signature that he said could only come from the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, largely believed to be a pseudonym for Bitcoin's true inventor. The former president of the Bitcoin Foundation backed the evidence as authentic as well. 

Since yesterday, though, that same former president is now believed to have been hacked in order to fake support for Wright, and the key that the Australian said proves he is Satoshi Nakamoto was found to have been copied/pasted from a publicly available site. While The Economist did not immediately say that Wright is wrong, it did say that the burden of proof is on him to present more compelling evidence. 

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