Big Four Firms in U.K. Disclose Dozens of Partners Let Go Due to Misconduct

Chris Gaetano
Published Date:
Dec 12, 2018
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The U.K. branches of the Big Four firms have revealed that, over the past few years, they have fired dozens of partners for inappropriate behavior that includes bullying and sexual misconduct, according to the Financial Times

Ernst & Young, which has 681 partners in the United Kingdom, said it has let five partners go over the past four years due to such behavior. PwC, which has 915, has dismissed five over the past three years. KPMG, which has 635 total, said that seven had left the firm over the past four years. The three firms' comments came after Deloitte UK revealed that it had fired 20 partners, out of about 1,000, over the past four years. 

The firms did not reveal the figures for U.S.-based partners. However, a survey from earlier this year showed that sexual harassment within the accounting industry is very much a reality, with 34 percent of women saying they have experienced at least some form of it over the course of their careers. 

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